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“Mark and Rodi are professional and versatile entertainers. They wow audiences with a wide range of material which always leaves their audience wanting more”.

 David Peterson – Cruise Director Oceania Cruise Line


“Mark and Rodi give us that Vegas excitement and electricity! The closest thing to a Vegas blockbuster show here in Florida! They do it all! They take no prisoners! The only thing bad is they don’t leave anything for any other act to do!”

Jerry Grant of Jerry Grant Productions


“I’m a huge fan of Mark and Rodi. Their energy is unmatched and they have more fun on stage than anyone else in the room.”

David Shermet -Cruise Director Oceania Cruise Line


“Onstage as well as off, Mark and Rodi are total knockouts. If the late Ed Sullivan was alive  they  would be 4 times-every-year guests on his show. Believe it!”

Woody Woodbury TV personality, Comedian/Actor


“When Mark and Rodi take to the stage, you become mesmerized, and get caught up in the fun, love and energy their performance totally exudes!”

Richie Minervini Comedian/Actor


“Rodi and Mark are two of the Best entertainers I have ever seen. This is a “DON’T MISS” evening of pure talent”

Stanley Seidenberg Management


 “Mark and Rodi are truly a dynamic duo. Each individually is a superb entertainer, and together they command the stage and have the attention and love of their audience, They are very special people, aside from their talents, and never fail to perform magnificently and always leaving their audiences wanting more!!! We’ve had the pleasure of seeing their many different shows and always feel uplifted and truly entertained. Great show people!!!”

Irma Rosen


“As an entertainment professional, I watch performers with a rather discerning view— I’ve seen it all.

That’s is until I saw “Shake Rattle & Laugh” starring the husband and wife team of Rodi Alexander and MarK Friedman.  I was mesmerized by the sheer talent these two performer’s  displayed; from music to impressions to comedy….they had it all and the audience knew it.  You really need to see Rodi and Mark in“Shake Rattle & Laugh.”  This will truly be a don’t miss evening of entertainment.”

“Rodi and Mark on stage…it’s like watching the finals on America’s Got Talent”

Steve Solomon, Broadway star of “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy!”


“Don’t waste another second in getting this dynamic duo for your next event! This energetic over the top husband and wife team do it all – sing, dance, and make any age smile as you see performances through the ages from Broadway to ROCK. Hear favorites like Barbara Streisand, Gloria Estefan , Ray Charles,  Joe Cocker – and swear that the big stars are in the house doing it just for you!  Singing is fantastic, Mark’s piano ability is amazing, talent immense and it’s hard not to catch their unmatched enthusiasm – their energy is non-stop with stamina that is not to be believed! It’s a  fun, engaging and hard to stay in your seats  kind of show when Rodi and Mark take the stage! Easy to see how  your event could conceivably turn into the next all night dance party!”

Teri Karst –  Training and Development


“Rodi Alexander and Mark Friedman will take you through a lifetime of music with an energy that always results in a standing ovation!”… “As Cruise Director for some of the most demanding audiences I always breathed a sigh of relief knowing I had Rodi and Mark as our Headline Entertainment. I was certain that I could count on a quality of showmanship that was sure to please.”

Willie Aames, Cruise Director Regent and Oceania Cruise lines




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