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Mark Friedman and Rodi Alexander are two of Florida’s favorite Entertainers. For years they have been WOWING audiences all over the world with their separate, high energy solo shows. Mark and Rodi met in 1995 donating their time and talents to a Charity Fundraising show and are presently still heavily involved with that organization. As these two “Power Charged Entertainers” came together, they brought, not only their Extraordinary Talents, but a Warmth and Chemistry that is felt throughout the evening.
Their show, which is always varied, includes music, song, dance, comedy and impressions from every genre in the Entertainment World. An evening with this, “Dynamic Duo” will leave you Exhilarated and wanting more.  As much as they love performing together, they claim the Greatest product of their performance was the birth of their son in 1999, Daryn Alexander Friedman.

Two Accomplished Artists,  One Great Show

Rodi Alexander

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Rodi doesn’t just take the stage, she Commands it! With a strickingly elegant presence and a bubbling personality, she instantly lights up the room as well as every audience member with her remarkable balance between high energy, show stopping vocal ability and her sultry ballads. She is a Polished Dancer, Comedienne, and her uncanny impression of Barbra Streisand is a complete showstopper!

Mark Friedman

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Mark, an accomplished “Piano Man,” Musical Director, and Arranger, has brought his Musical Stylings, Comedy, and Impressions to audiences everywhere. His music always varies in content and spans the gamut of music from Broadway to Big Band, Rock n Roll, to Pop, and of course his first love, Classical. If you could use only one word to describe him, it would be “Versatility”.


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