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Popular Broadway showpieces, romantic duets, unforgettable solos, hilarious comedy, blazing classic rock and roll medley’s, multi-media backgrounds with every song and a world class interpretation of the superstar Barbra Streisand – this is Mark Friedman and Rodi Alexander’s “Shake, Rattle & Laugh” show.

For nearly two decades, Mark and Rodi have enchanted audiences worldwide with their eclectic blend of popular pop and rock and roll hits, artistic passion and humor. With a performance repertoire that spans the decades including Broadway, Disco, Rock and Roll, Adult Contemporary and folk songs, the duo’s theatrical stage presence and relaxed humor establishes an intimate rapport with audiences the moment they take the stage.

From theaters to cruise ships traveling the globe, Mark and Rodi’s versatile stage show is a must see in any venue. Mark and Rodi’s fast paced variety show will have the audience calling for return bookings after they have a chance to witness “The Maestro and The Diva.” Don’t miss this “Dynamic Duo” when they come to your town.


Perfect Chemistry

 Mark and Rodi’s talent is only surpassed by the electric chemistry that they have between them. Their perfectly timed choreography and enchanting duets are the product of a perfect partnership.


Exciting Performances

 Medley’s from groups like the Blues Brothers or classic artist like Elvis, Neil Diamond, The Supremes, Sonny and Cher and others, Mark and Rodi perform hits that every audience member will remember.


Just Like Barbra

Rodi Alexander is known worldwide for her classic interpretation of the star supreme – Barbra Streisand. Her uncanny resemblance and mannerism and audience interactions bring Barbra to your stage.


Terrific Humor

Mark and Rodi love to laugh, and their perfect interaction with one another naturally leads to humorous banter and jokes. Mark doesn’t mind being the straight man to Rodi’s fun loving sharp wit.

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